Sign Up for Refine Camp

Sign Up for Refine Camp

Discover the benefits of attending our small group classes

Does the idea of going to the gym leaving you shaking in your boots? At Refine Personal Training & Fitness, we recognize that starting a new fitness plan can be intimidating. To help you kickstart your new exercise routine, we offer small group sessions at our local studio

When you sign up, you'll:

  • Receive personalized feedback from an experienced certified trainer
  • Learn the health and wellness essentials you need to succeed
  • Realize that you're capable of achieving your fitness goals
There is no better time than now to sign up for refine camp. Call us at 254-493-5940 now to get started.

3 reasons to train at Refine Personal Training & Fitness

Although the name might sound scary, refine camp at Refine Personal Training & Fitness is anything but - in fact, our local fitness class is a lot of fun. Many individuals love our refine camp courses because:

  1. They're small, personalized sessions, so you get the individualized attention you need.
  2. They're by appointment only, which makes it easy to fit class into your busy schedule.
  3. They're entry-level up to competitive athletes that are designed to help you build a solid health and fitness foundation.
For more details about our refine camp, contact us today.